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Andrew T. Horng,  Director / Writer / Producer

ANDREW T. HORNG is one of the top Asian-American director, writer, and producer prospects in Los Angeles.

He's worked on several hit TV shows (i.e. MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE, PRISON BREAK, TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, HOUSE M.D., CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, etc.) and still maintains good relationships with many of his former co-workers.


Every single film or writing competition he's entered into (7) has resulted in a TOP-TIER FINALIST ranking—— including one with over 1700+ candidates from around the world.


4 of these films were shot in just 5 months—— winning at festivals over other shorts made with more time, money, and resources.

Total RunTime Productions

Founded in 2019, TOTAL RUNTIME is known for making a variety of high quality films with insanely fast turnaround times.


The mission of the company is to improve representation for all underrepresented groups, both in feature films and television.

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