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Andrew T. Horng - Director / Writer / Producer

ANDREW T. HORNG is an acclaimed Taiwanese-American director, screenwriter, and producer in Los Angeles.


He's worked in television (e.g. MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE, PRISON BREAK, TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, HOUSE M.D.CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, etc.) and directed the filming of Roger Ebert's festival, EBERTFEST.  He's also appeared in VARIETY and the FILM COURAGE channel.

Every film or writing competition he's entered (7) has resulted in a TOP-TIER FINALIST ranking, including one with over 1700+ international candidates.  4 of these competition films were shot in just 5 months, winning at festivals over other films made with more time, money, and resources.

Total RunTime Productions

Founded by Horng in 2019, TOTAL RUNTIME is known for its creative versatility and time efficiency.  Its other focus is on representation in film and television.

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