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"Tammy" - Satire / Black Comedy

TOTAL RUNTIME's latest, TAMMY has also found success.  The GUAM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL nominated it for BEST NARRATIVE SHORT, ranking it in the TOP 6 of over 800+ films from 84 countries that applied.

In its 51st year, the USA FILM FESTIVAL recognized TAMMY as one of their FINALISTS, qualifying it for the CANADIAN SCREEN AWARDS, despite strong competition of over 500+ films from 53 countries.

The film had to be shot extremely quickly in only about 1.5 days.


New York International Film Awards (2020)

Best Dark Comedy WINNER

Best Short Film Nomination

Best Director Nomination

Los Angeles Film Awards (2020)

Best Original Story Honorable Mention WINNER

World London Film Festival (2020)

Guam International Film Festival (2020)

Best Narrative Short Nomination

[top 6 of over 800+ submissions from 84 countries]

[aired on PBS TV Channel]

AMFAA Film Festival (2020)

Best Narrative Short WINNER

Chinese American Film Festival (2020): LOS ANGELES

Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival (2020)

Asian Film Festival, Los Angeles Hollywood (2020)

Taiwanese American Film Festival (2020): LOS ANGELES

Audience Award WINNER

The Monochrome Film Festival (2020): LONDON

Best Comedy WINNER

Best Director Nomination

NYC TV Film Festival (2021)

Los Angeles Independent Film Festival (2021 Finalist)

South Georgia Film Festival (2021)

Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival (2021): ENGLAND

Houston Asian American & Pacific Islander Film Festival (2021)

[51st] USA Film Festival (2021 Finalist)

[Canadian Screen Award qualifying festival]

[top-tier finalist of over 500+ submissions from 53 countries]

Huntington Beach Cultural Cinema Showcase (2021)

Nominee for High Honors Recognition [top 5% of submissions]

"Programmer's Selection" Commendation

"Jury Selection" Commendation

[1 of only 3 films from 2021 selected for 2022 special screening]

Sacramento International Film Festival (2021)

Bristol International Film Festival (2021)

Kansas City Underground Film Festival (2021)

Outstanding Acting Award WINNER

[selected out of ~800 submissions from over 55+ countries]

[screening at $10 million, 20,000 sq ft arts gallery/campus]

Orlando Film Festival (2021)

[CMX Cinemas screenings]

SCREENSHOT: ASIA Film Festival (2021)

Sydney Women's International Film Festival (2021)

Surf City Festival (2022 Honorable Mention): LOS ANGELES

The Micheaux Film Festival (2023): LOS ANGELES

[Regal L.A. LIVE screening]


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