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"Together and Better" - Experimental / Silent / Musical

TOGETHER AND BETTER was then made for the international FOUR POINTS FILM PROJECT competition.  TOTAL RUNTIME again became a FINALIST, placing in the TOP 12 of 139 films from around the world.

The film was also selected by arthouse and music video circles, as well as traditional festivals, while garnering awards consideration.  Much of its success was found overseas in Europe.

Everything, including music, was created from scratch over 1 long weekend.


2019 Four Points Film Project (Top 12 Finalist of 139 international films)

Best Editing Honorable Mention WINNER

Indie Short Fest (2020): LOS ANGELES

LA Music Video Awards (2020)

Most Likely To Be An Indie Film Nomination

Love Wins Film Festival (2021 Nominee): NEW YORK

[distribution offer from Love Wins Streaming Channel]

Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival (2020)

Marina del Rey Film Festival (2020)

[aired on Shorts Daily Roku TV Channel]

International Art Film Festival (2020): LONDON

Miami Independent Film Festival (2020)

Newham Film Festival (2020): LONDON

Best Music (Original Score) WINNER

[one of only 6 films to win a festival award]

Mindfield Film Festival - Albuquerque (2020 Finalist)

Best Experimental Short Gold Award WINNER

Ealing Film Festival (2020): LONDON

Best Experimental Film WINNER

[beat out 7 other nominated films in category]

International Music Video Awards (2020): LONDON

Best Musical Film (Short) WINNER

Anaheim International Film Festival (2021 Semi-Finalist)

[top <10% of submissions]

FilmÓptico - International Art Visual and Film Festival (2021 Nominee): BARCELONA

[distribution deal w/ Viridiana TV]

Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival (2021 Finalist)

[top-tier finalist of ~500 submissions from over 50+ countries]

Copper Coast International Film Festival (2021): WALES

Bristol International Film Festival (2021)

Experimental Forum (2021 Honorable Mention): LOS ANGELES

LA Underground Film Forum (2021 Honorable Mention)

Hallucinea Film Festival (2021 Nominee): PARIS

Ealing Summer Festival (2021 Special Screening): LONDON

[one of only 5 films chosen to screen at the historic Walpole Park]

[200 in attendance watching under the stars]

European Film Festival - Mainstream & Underground (2021): MOSCOW

Best Experimental Film WINNER

[ranked ahead of 5 top-tier finalist films]


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